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Thank you for your interest in the LAMP Project. We are NOT currently enrolling new participants in the study. You can learn more about our LAMP Project below.


The LAMP Project was launched in 2018 by a team of researchers from different VA Medical Centers around the country (Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Durham, and Indianapolis), in collaboration with investigators at the University of Minnesota, with funding provided by the Department of Defense

The LAMP programs test two new mindfulness programs designed to help Veterans with pain. These programs were designed with input from Veterans.  What is mindfulness? Listen to this audio file for a brief introduction: 

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Mindfulness is a skill you can learn to help you manage your pain. It focuses on learning how to become more aware of your body, thoughts and feelings.  Studies show mindfulness can be helpful for pain, stress, mood, sleep and overall wellbeing.

The goal of LAMP is to make it easier for Veterans to get the help they need to better manage their pain.  By participating, you can help improve pain treatment for Veterans like you.

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Diana Burgess

  Diana Burgess, PhD, LAMP Project, Principal Investigator

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